Motivating teachers and students in the world of music

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Flute Musical Instrument Posters

Flute Music Instrument Posters

It can be difficult to find cool music posters for your classroom or band room. But no longer! 

Flute Music instrument poster

We have added additional flute instrumental music posters to our collection that feature and highlight the musical magical flute.

These cool musical posters will make any flutist smile and brighten your music room at the same time.

If you like musical thrills, the flute will give you chills. 

Order Flute Music Poster Prints

These music instrument posters can be ordered from JW Pepper, a leading distributor of sheet music and supplies. They are available in three sizes for every space and budget, including school budgets.

Have Fun with Your Flute: Musically inspired posters for music teachersHave Fun with Your Flute: Musically inspired posters for music teachersValue of Arts in Schools: Art like music awakens creativityValue of Arts in Schools: Art like music awakens creativity


Beginning flute students are often frustrated. Music teachers do a wonderful job encouraging their students, however during flute practice at home they are alone.

Hang a flute wall art poster in the area where students practice. You know their eyes and mind wanders during long practice sessions.

Encourage Music Students to Have Fun

Like musical thrills, the flute will give you chills. Any musical instrument, when played with confidence and precision will leave you with a chill and a new appreciation for music.

Musical Flute Poster: perfect for the Flutist, Music Teachers and MusiciansMusical Flute Poster: perfect for the Flutist, Music Teachers and Musicians


The Flute Instrument Can Awaken Creativity

Art and music can awaken creativity and inspire students to achieve more during their daily life. This is one of the reasons the arts are important in our schools. Math, reading, and science is essential but can also drain the brain and dull the senses.

If you know flute instrument stores who would like to carry these posters please share this page. Posters are economically priced for resale and band fundraisers. Ask about quantity discounts and fundraising opportunities.

Flute Accessories and Supplies

JW Pepper also sells instrument accessories and supplies. But if you can’t find what you need there you might check  Amazon for the hard to find items such as condenser flute mics.

Yamaha Flute Maintenance KitYamaha Flute Maintenance KitAudix ADX10-FLP Miniaturized condenser flute micAudix ADX10-FLP Miniaturized condenser flute micDEG Flutist Friend Marching LyreDEG Flutist Friend Marching LyreYamaha Advantage Student FluteYamaha Advantage Student Flute



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Discipline, Determination, and Dedication

In order to survive and possibly thrive in music, you will need to rely upon your “intestinal fortitude” as the great Vince Lombardi once said to his Green Bay Packers football team.

The field of music, be it performance, teaching, recording, retail, etc., is NOT for the faint of heart. You need to dig down deep within yourself in order to remain creative, progressive and to survive financially.

Discipline, determination and dedication will decide your fate, motivational music themed posters for music teachers and classroomsDiscipline, Determination and Dedication Determines Your Fate

This poster, sold by J. W. Pepper helps all Musician’s remain inspired within their craft, to be realistic and to hopefully maintain a career within music if that is your core desire “in life.” 

At some point in time, our THREE D’S poster may be timely for you or a student you know? It is not only a message for music, but for life and would be appropriate in any classroom or study hall.

It ultimately comes down to YOU and what you have within yourself to make the DAILY COMMITMENT to forge onward and upward in life.