Motivating teachers and students in the world of music


Partnership between Music 4 Life, LLC and JW Pepper

Steve Raybine, vibraphonist and music educator

Steve Raybine, Smooth Jazz Vibraphonist

Music 4 Life is a collaboration between two people who would of never connected had it not been for a shared interest in music and a desired passion for creativity. Music has been part of our lives since we were both young, but took us in different directions.

For Steve Raybine, music became his passion and career in jazz performance ,composition and education.Not only is he an accomplished jazz musician and composer, but he holds a Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) degree.  He teaches over 2,500 private music lessons per year to students who perform professionally and have gone on to teaching at the elementary; middle school; high school and college levels.

That’s a LOT of music lessons, to a lot of students who have succeeded within the music industry What he’s known for is not only teaching the notes and theory, but also applying lessons found in music to life.

Dawn Romine, on the other hand, Piano student photographerwas a typical music student who started taking piano lessons in elementary school, accompanied the high school choir and as an adult plays seasonal church music, but music wasn’t a career path. Her passion was photography and about the same time she started “plinking” on the piano she was given a camera.

What Dawn did experience and witness was the music program at Elmwood-Murdock Public school motivate not only her kids but the rest of the students to the point where 75% of the high school students to participate in band and/or choir.

The result of merging music, photography and Dawn’s digital design is a series of Music Motivational posters for the music industry meant to take the lessons learned in music into every facet of their life, personal and business.

Music 4 Life, LLC Mission

Music 4 Life, LLC seeks to motivate and inspire musicians of all ages in performance, education, composition, technology and all other music-related fields to apply the lessons obtained from music into everyday life. 


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