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Preparation Requires Planning

It has been just two years since I stood outside Steve’s music room in 100F heat hunched over his patio photographing mallets in the blazing hot sun. I had no idea that a year later we would be launching a music poster line with J.W. Pepper and introducing our creations to the music industry. But, all of this didn’t come about without planning.

My initial plan was to create new graphics for Steven’s website that would be “PIN” worthy on Pinterest. I planned ahead of time to bring matte boards of various colors, I planned to create negative space in the photographs for text, and I was prepared when I arrived. The results was beautiful images which incorporated Steven’s “Raybineisms” (words of wisdom) and when we were ready to approach national music industry distributors with our motivational posters I was prepared and called J.W. Pepper

Preparation requires prior planning. Motivational poster for music teachers, business and classrooms from JW PepperPreparation Requires Prior Planning

  • Are you chronically late for rehearsals and performances;
  • Do you forget to pack essential musical equipment when you perform;
  • Do you bring the necessary music to engagements and do you practice your parts in advance of the performance;
  • Do you bring the appropriate clothing for shows; Do you return all phone calls, texts, messages and emails promptly;
  • Are your instruments in proper playing conditions at all times; If you’re a band leader, do you pay your musicians in a timely manner?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these scenarios, you are not sufficiently prepared for your obligations as a contemporary musician. Think ahead and anticipate what is expected of you as a professional musician. Above all, be prepared; be prompt and plan ahead for all musical situations.

How has a lack of planning affected your life?

Did you lose a gig? Where you asked to leave a team, or band group because of your chronic procrastination or preparation for the gig?

If you know of a good way to stay prepared leave a comment below. Share your expertise and experience so others may not have the same fate.


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Distribution Partnership with J.W. Pepper

Partnership between Music 4 Life, LLC and JW Pepper

Press Release:September 1, 2014

New Nebraska Company Provides Messages Supporting Importance of Music in Schools

With music programs being one of the first programs eliminated during budget cuts, the importance of how music stimulates brain functioning and social development becomes even more relevant today.

Music 4 Life, LLC was created with the intention of increasing the perception and importance of Music Education within our Music 4 Life posters distributed by JW Pepperschool systems.  Research has shown that music not only impacts  academic achievement, but contributes to brain development and improved interpersonal skills. Moreover, it is well known that music affects artistic sensibilities such as mood and feelings, but research in children who are engaged within musical activities also show a significant improvement in  language and mathematical abilities.

A series of motivational posters were created to draw awareness between music education and its cross-disciplinary benefits. The Music 4 Life motivational messages are not only timely, but when they are placed within classrooms, music studios and practice rooms, they serve as a subtle reminder to all participants that the musical journey and its benefits transcend the notes on a page.

The partnership of Music 4 Life, LLC with J.W. Pepper, the leading supplier of sheet music in the world, makes music-themed motivational posters easily available to public schools, band directors, private music teachers, and other educators. Most messages are cross-curricular and emphasize leadership, respect, responsibility, practice, and hard work as traits necessary to succeed.

Five posters from the Music 4 Life, LLC inventory will be featured in their Fall 2014-15 Band catalog and all 40 posters available are on their website at Since 1876, J.W. Pepper & Son has been a family business with a commitment to customer service, value and satisfaction. They are the leading music supplier for concert bands, choirs, church musicians and a source of news and information on state music festivals across the United States.

Music Posters at JW Pepper

Music 4 Life, LLC was developed in 2014 in Omaha, Nebraska and is a partnership between musician Dr. Steve Raybine (Doctor of Musical Arts, DMA) and project manager, Dawn Romine. For more information about Music 4 Life LLC, visit our website

Media Inquiries can be made at:

Music 4Life, LLC, PO Box 24509, Omaha, NE